Q Securities is looking for expansion: Interview with Agnieszka Sawa

The material comes from the LPCC website, of which the company is a member. Link to LPCC can be found here.

Q Securities Investment Firm is likely to undergo changes in the nearest future. According to Parkiet newspaper, a new shareholder may appear in the company. For now, however, it is not known what form a potential transaction can take: whether it will be only the issue of new shares or whether the current shareholders will also decide to sell shares. As far as we know, both options are currently being considered.

– The option of acquiring an investor by Q Securities is associated with the company’s strategic plans. After strengthening our position on the Polish market in the field of registration and deposit services, our plans include testing ourselves beyond the borders of our country. On the example of Closed-end Investment Funds we can see that the development potential in Poland has its limitations. There are no more AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds) appearing in Poland. Actually, the number of them has fallen in the last year. We provide depositary services for over 150 funds (which is already a significant part of the Polish market) while banks – which are our competitors in this area – do not develop this activity in relation to AIF – says Agnieszka Sawa, CEO of Q Securities.


The gap is being filled by Q Securities, which in a relatively short time has gained the position of second biggest player in the AIFs depositary market in Poland. Now, the company wants to expand its activities to foreign markets as well.

Since the developmental potential in Poland covers only a part of the market, which banks may eventually give up, we decided to start cooperation with the Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and have become its member.

The company’s shift towards the business centre of Europe will involve significant financial outlays to be incurred. That is why we are considering acquiring an investor who shares the vision of Q Securities expansion abroad – starting from Luxembourg – says Sawa. As she emphasizes, it is too early to talk about who would actually invest in Q Securities.

It can be both an industry investor not providing such services in Luxembourg or doing it only on a small scale, as well as a financial investor ready to finance the implementation of this idea in one or more EU countries. This is only the initial stage of the project and we are not certain whether any entities will be interested in such an idea. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about specific amounts of funding and even more about an investor’s willingness to purchase shares from existing shareholders, ultimately increasing its share in the company.