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“Women often neglect to build a personal brand which puts them at a disadvantage compared to male colleagues,” says Agnieszka Sawa, Q Securities CEO

Jerzy Kasprzak, deputy CEO of Q Securities, in conversation with Konrad Weiske, CEO of Spyrosoft, Europe’s fastest-growing tech company in 2021, according to the Financial Times.

Comparing virtual assets to a Ponzi scheme ignores that no one guarantees a return from investment into cryptocurrencies, often the defining feature of such schemes, argues Wojciech Kozlowski, Business Development Director at Q Securities.

After their first ALFI Conference attendance, Grzegorz Cieslik and Wojciech Kozlowski exchange about what they enjoyed the most and what small but essential improvements would have made the experience even better.

The first Luxembourg-domiciled fund investing fully in crypto assets is expected to launch in less than six months, with necessary regulatory and compliance work underway.

Here’s the good news: this year should see economies stabilise. Moreover, more risky assets come back to focus with markets expecting cyclical industries equity to yield better returns. And now the bad: high inflation takes a toll on personal finances and rentability of some financial instruments, observe Jerzy Kasprzak and Marcin Stosio from Q Securities.